In American Fuzzy Lops we currently have solid varieties in lilac, black tort, chestnut, opal, squirrel, and black chinchilla, and sable points and broken sablepoint colors.  Below are a few of our bucks.  More pictures to follow as we get time to take them and get them on the site.  We have bred for some new colors like lynx so we have our fingers crossed.

Woodridge's Einstein  sable point sr buck

Alissa with her newest buck Woodridge's Einstein.  Thank's to Allyson for letting this little boy come live with us.  He has earned two legs at the two shows we have been to with him.  He earned a BOS at Tri County the day we bought him and then he went on to win BOB at Central WI RBA's show in Marshfield.  He currently has 4 legs to his name.

JAM's Lil Lil - lilac sr buck - brood buck 

Here is Alissa with JAM's Lil Lil (aka Lilly).  This little fella has made Alissa one happy girl.  So far he has won 5 BOB.  We don't have all of the show reports back yet so I might be off on the counts. 

Unfortunately Lil broke his tail so he is now going to stay home & hopefully sire some of our nex GC's.  Now to find the right colored girls to come play....

Here is one of my favorite pictures of Lilly (pic was as a young jr).  I just laugh every time I see this picture.  His ears always pop up at the slightest thing.  As you can see in the picture above he is maturing nicely, although he still pops the ears up at just about everything.